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Halkidiki Afitos Apartments

Apartments for sale.

80sq.m apartments sold in the first and second floor.

2 rooms with kitchen, living room and bathroom.





In the picturesque Afitos with the excellent view to the gulf of Kassandra, the Technical Building Company Lagarias selected to build its new settlement complex.
The area is full of historic memories, lost in the depth of centuries, since Afitos is cited by many ancient authors, among them Herodot, Thucydides, Xenofon, Aristoteles, Pafsanias and Stravon. Named for the famous temple of Dionysos and for the marvellous temple of Ammon Zeus, who was the protector of the city, Afitos was famous during the archaic as well as the classic period of the Hellenic antiquity.
During the liberation war of 1821 the inhabitants of Afitos (who made their duty to their fatherland) left their village and came back in 1827 in order to give to their village its previous glamour. About 1850 the village is built again and is expanding. In 1859 it is built the church of St.Demetrios, which even today is the most brilliant building of the village. A distinguishing
placeamong the insuperable samples of architecture of the 19th century have the mansions of Katsanis (1860), Papavassiliou (1864), Galanis (1976), Aletras (1889) and Athanassiadis (1898)
A view of insuperable beauty is offered by the roc , on which sacrifices in honour of Ammon Zeus were made.
In a distance of approximately 700 meters from this holy place and approximately 150 meters from the square of the village, on a private owned land estate of four stremmata, within the settlement, our company creates a new building complex, fully harmonized to the natural environment, with surname. It is also noteworthy that the general morphology and the constructional details of the complex are realized always according to the traditional models of architecture of the area.
Having as basic choice of the architectural synthesis the placing of the secondary buildings in such a way, in order to secure the view to the gulf of Kassandra, Sithonia and mount Athos, from the total of residences, the study and materialization of the building complex keeps high standards, securing the aesthetic quality and their internal functionality in the configuration as well as for the excellent choice of materials in all rooms. The architectural concept of the outdoor facades and the wise selection of materials which are fully harmonized with the special colour of the settlement of Afitos (sculptured stone of Afitos, tiles, verandas) offer a luxury and personality to the complex.
Beyond the architectural and the technical part, the high aesthetic in the green gardens, give the guidelines in the construction of residences. The selection of the area gives as well surplus value to the real estate and its owners.
Thus, based on our long year experience in the building sector, as well as in the continuous monitoring of developments in our sector, we succeed our goal, which is the study and materialization of our buildings and the keeping of high standards, securing quality, aesthetic and functionality.
Thanks to our experience they are excellently combined with the modern architecture. High aesthetic and emphasis to the surrounding areas give the guidelines to our constructions. The design and colours which areused, are fully harmonized with the natural beauty of the landscape. A hospitable and nice settlement environment becomes reality through the orientation in creation and needs of our clients.
We are giving emphasis to our new building project to the careful choice of the building area. Dominating selection criteria are the natural beauty, the site organisation and the offered facilities of the wider area, as well as the surplus value which the area can give to the real estate and owners as well.
The effort of covering of the modern needs, the continuous supervision of the project and the excellent cooperation of the qualified human personnel with the client, are continuous goals of the company and guarantee the trustworthiness and continuous improvement of its services in the building area.



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