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Halkidiki Polihrono


  • Residences 151m2
  • Basket ball and tennis courts1
  • 2 Parking places for each residence
  • Each residence covered externally with stone
  • Big verandas covered with pergola
  • 4 Rooms
  • 2 wcs
  • 1 Living room-dining room
  • Energy fireplace
  • Kitchen furniture-appliances
  • Wall-build wardrobes
  • Shielded front door
  • External six-chambered door and window frames pvc of german origin
  • Inside italian doors
  • Personal heating
  • Installation for air conditioning
  • Alarm installation
  • Personal cable antenna
  • Installation of automatic garden lighting
  • System of personal automatic watering
  • Automatic lighting of common use areas



The Technical Building Company Lagarias, selected the gulf of Kasandra (Toroneos) , settlement of Polihrono Chalkidiki, to build its new settlement complex. In the place of contemporary Polihrono, there was the ancient Neapolis, colony of the Eretrians. It is believed that it was established in the middle of the 7th century B.C. This city accepted many barbarian invasions, with last the one of Huns, which leaded to its devastation in 540. In the 11th century this area was settled by farmers and stockbreeders. The last had built the village Polihroo, which was named like this due to the many flowers which were there. Due to a verbal chance it was named Polihrono. Today it is one of the most famous tourist places of Chalkidiki, with thousand of visitors, famous for its long beach, extended along the settlement (Polihrono)
In a green environment, with panoramic view to the gulf of Kassandra, there where the eye travels to the endless blue of the horizon and of the sea, in Polihrono of Chalkidiki, in the place Koukounaries, the Technical Building Company Lagarias builds its new settlement project.
In a private owned area of 15775,05 m2 , in the forest and sea, the complex is the ideal proposal for the purchase of the perfect summer residence and not only... The access to the complex, which is first to the sea and has a façade of 150m along the coast is very easy from the old agricultural road, whilst it is only 400m far from the centre of the village, 16 independent luxurious residences, with their own independent garden are constructed according to the architecture of Chalkidiki and always with respect to the green environment of the area.
The internal rooms are distinguished for their impecable and operational internal configuration , whilst the excellent choice of material gives to the rooms luxury and beauty. It is also noteworthy that the general morphology and the constructional details are realized always according to the traditional models of architecture of Chalkidiki, which thanks to our experience are excellently combined with the modern architecture. High aesthetic and emphasis to the surrounding areas give the guidelines to our constructions. The design and colours which are used, are fully harmonized with the natural beauty of the landscape. A hospitable and nice settlement environment becomes a reality through the orientation in creation and needs of our clients.
We are giving emphasis in our new building project to the careful choice of the building area. Dominating selection criteria are the natural beauty, the site organisation and the offered facilities of the wider area, as well as the surplus value which the area can give to the real estate and owners as well.
The effort of covering the modern needs, the continuous supervision of the project and the excellent cooperation of the qualified human personnel with the client, are continuous goals of the company and guarantee the trustworthiness and continuous improvement of its services in the building area.