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Halkidiki Pefkohori

Maisonette for sale.


  • 3rd floor apartment 123.24 sq.m
  • With 240 sq.m gardenIMG_5184
  • Ground Floor: 38.38 sq.m.
  • Floor: 40.00 sq.m
  • Basement: 44.86 sq.m









Continuing itS activity in the building of luxurious summer residences in Chalkidiki, the technical building company Lagarias prepares its new settlement project in one of the most cosmopolitan areas, namely Pefkohori.,
Pefkohori was named in older times Kapsohora, due to the fire of 1805 which burned totally the village. Its history starts from the antiquity. Witnesses of this history are the ruins found in the area and which were part of the roman settlement. In the same area it was also discovered the treasure with coins of Lysimahos, who was king of Thrace. About 1590 it is cited in the same area the Great monastery dependency Anter of the Monastery of Iviron, which was expropriated before the war. Today only the half-destructed windmill is saved.
Reference point of Pefkohori in our days is the picturesque little port, which welcomes the luxurious yachts which are visiting Toroneos Gulf. The village presents a tourist development and its sandy beach attracts many visitors from land and sea, whilst its centre is full of life during day and night.
In this earthly paradise, with the endless beaches and piny forest, our company builds its new project with high standards in study, architecture and building.
On a land estate which is separated only by the sandy beach from the sea, with an area of 7029 m2 and with 100 m façade along the coast, a building licence for 4 villas was issued, which will satisfy even the most demanding client. Each villa is independent and disposes 1500 and 2000m2 garden, whilst the buildings consist of a ground floor and 1st floor, 115 m2 and 75 m2 respectively.
The internal rooms are distinguished for their impecable and operational internal configuration as well as for the excellent choice of materials in all rooms, giving them luxury, beauty and finesse.
The great opening of the balcony doors offer an endless view to Toroneos gulf, relaxing the eye even from the inside of the buildings.
The external architectural study is made with absolute respect to the natural environment, whilst the choice of materials and colours is fully harmonized with the natural environment. Emphasis is given to the surrounding areas, which thanks to their high aesthetic create a hospitable and nice settlement environment, studied to cover the needs of our clients.
Beyond the architectural and technical part emphasis is given to the careful selection of the building area as well. Dominating selection criteria are the natural beauty, the site organisation and the offered facilitations of the wider area, as well as the surplus value which the area can offer to the real estate and to its owners.
Thus, with alliances our long year experience in the area of constructions as well as with the continuous monitoring of developments of modern technology, as well as with the continuous supervision of the project , as well as with the excellent cooperation of our qualified human personnel with the client, our company guarantees the trustworthiness and continuous improvement of its services in the building area.